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CERSP: Conservation des espèces, Restauration et Suivi des Populations
[Partners: MNHN CNRS Université Pierre et Marie Curie] – | France |

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The CERSP is a scientific research team investigating population ecology, community ecology and conservation biology. Our savoir-faire on bird monitoring leads us to develop monitoring schemes on other groups of species (bats, butterflies and plants). The unit’s scientific project revolves around the ecological grounds of biodiversity management, focussing on mechanisms and constraints important in ecology when analysing the state and dynamics of biodiversity. Its ambition is to participate to an international conservation science integrating the global human-biodiversity system, in interaction with other disciplinary research fields, such as economy and human science.

Conservation objectives concern both rare and common species through three research axes: (meta)-population viability and restoration, community organization, biodiversity scenarios. MNHN is one of the 28 partners of the FP7 SCALES project “Securing the Conservation of biodiversity across Administrative Levels and spatial, temporal, and Ecological Scales“. SCALES seeks ways to build the issue of scale into policy and decision-making and biodiversity management. Involved in several work packages, our team was in particular the leader of the work package “Monitoring and data integration across scales” which resulted in the production of the deliverable “Review and assessment of methods to analyse heterogeneous monitoring data and to optimize species monitoring across scales”.

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 doyen jiguet leviol
Luc Doyen Frédéric Jiguet Isabelle Le Viol
Karine Princé

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