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IIASA: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis – | Austria |


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The participating Ecosystems Services and Management Program (ESM) from IIASA has a proven record in frontier science in the fields of integrated global land use modelling, as well as regional greenhouse gas budgeting, trade-offs between deforestation, food security and rural development or biomass for bioenergy potential estimations. Composed with a team of more than 50 scientists, it has been contributed to large number of EU and global scale projects aiming at developing rational, realistic and science-based regional, national and global strategies for the production of food, feed, fiber, and bio-energy that sustain ecosystem services, safeguard food security, and promote rural development. Most recent EU-scale projects include in particular the following FP7 projects: CC-TAME, ENER-GEO, GHG-EUROPE, PASHMINA, GLOBAL-IQ, ANMALCHANGE, FOODSECURE, EUCLIMIT.

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havlikpt oberstei valin
Petr Havlík Michael Obersteiner Hugo Valin
 Stefan Frank

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