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ThéMA: Théoriser et Modéliser pour Aménager
[Partners: CNRS – Universités de Franche-Comté et de Bourgogne] – | France |


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The works of the pole “landscape” in ThéMA focus on two themes. The first one is related to amenities offered by landscape. An approach that combines geographic modelling and econometrics was designed to assess the impact of landscape amenities in the territories. The landscape analysis provides indicators whose price is estimated using data of the land market. The fields of study focused on the peri-urban areas of Dijon and Besançon.

The second theme relates with landscape ecology and focuses on the concepts of connectivity and landscape distance. The studies are based on landscape graphs that allow modelling functional aspects (eg in the field of biological diffusion) and to studying the ecological impacts of artificial soil. In the context of the intensification of transport networks and urban sprawl, an important issue is the valuation of negative externalities caused by the building-up of agricultural land on the habitat of some animal species.

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Céline Clauzel Jean-Christophe
Pierre Frankhauser Daniel Joly

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