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WP5: Economic development and ecosystem services:
some specific links services

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Jean-Christophe Bureau
INRA EcoPub |

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The main objective of this WP will be to highlight, using case studies and national studies, specific links among economic development, land use, and ecosystem service bundles. First, we will focus on agriculture and urban sprawl, the two main drivers of land conversion in peripheral areas (WP2), and their relationships to provisions of ecosystem services, using case studies and detailed geographic information. Second, we will analyse the mutivocal link between ecosystem services and economic drivers (WP3) at the national level.

| Tasks |

5.1 : Urban sprawl and ecosystem service bundles

5.2 : Can agricultural practices save ecosystem services?

5.3 : Regulating services and agriculture vs urban sprawl

5.4 : Economic development and ecosystem service bundles

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