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WP0: Project management

| Leader |
Cécile Détang-Dessendre
| Inra CESAER |

| Key words |

Project management, project coordination

| Presentation |

We developed a management structure to balance the need for central organisation for consistent and efficient project management with the need for capacity building and ownership of problem analyses by all scientific partners. The project will designate a coordinator. All parties are involved in proposal preparation and have agreed that INRA CESEAR will act as the Coordinator.

A general assembly chaired by the Coordinator will steer the project, taking on those decisions that transcend individuals, such as work packages prepared by the management team. Furthermore, the general assembly will provide a forum for feedback and reflection so that the project remains responsive to any changes suggested by partners. The general assembly will consist of one authorised representative from each of the partners and will meet annually.

The management team will be responsible for day-to-day management of all aspects of the project. The management team will be composed of the Coordinator and Leaders of the integrated work packages, WP1 to WP7. The Coordinator, who chairs the management team, will ensure a smooth set-up running of the project, and will give support to the work package personnel, particularly with regard to reporting. The Leader of WP3 will ensure the cohesion of research across case studies. The Leader of WP1 will ensure data are accessible to all project members. The Leaders of WP2-WP6 will be responsible for an integrated approach to produce analytical tools. The Leader of WP7 will ensure scientific advancement is connected to policy and to practice. The Management Team will:

› Supervise work progress and decide on and initiate corrective actions, after seeking the approval of the general assembly on matters that transcend individual work packages.

› Coordinate activities among the different tasks and WP teams.

› Ensure correct reporting.

› Compile progress reports for the General Assembly and the Stakeholder Forum.

We will recommend that the Management Team meet once per year and make contact at least once every 3 months by web-based meetings. Day-to-day decisions will be made by the Coordinator. The representatives of partners will be responsible for financial accounting of their part of the budget.

| Involved teams |

  • All partners