Task 3.1

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Task 3.1: Analyse the driving factors that underlay local economic performance

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Virginie Piguet

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At the European level, if possible, we will provide keys for understanding different economic performances (mostly for employment growth and productivity), focusing on the impact of three major drivers: (i) local human capital endowment that considers the structure of the labor force (age and qualification) and migration flows; (ii) positive externalities (including natural amenities) of non-central areas; and (iii) the diffusion of urban externalities, especially public services. In relation to WP1, we will develop adequate indicators that measure local economic performance levels and approximate explaining drivers. We will also use WP4 output to introduce some innovative indicators of ecosystem services. Finally, we will mobilise econometric methods with spatial econometric tools. Our quantitative approach will be complemented by national studies that we will base on secondary data at local labor market scales and on mechanisms specified from a larger scale.

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