Task 3.5

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Task 3.5: Rural development measures in the models

| Leader |
Alexander Gocht
| Thünen Institute |

| Key words | CAPRI-RD, CAP Pillar II, impact assessment, implementation logic, parameterization, CGEs

| Presentation |

The effects of Rural Development measures depend on regional setting. Using outputs from previous tasks of the WP, this task will develop a layer of regional Computable General Equilibrium Models (RegCGEsEU+) for all Nuts2 regions of the EU, which will allow us to analyse Rural Development (RD)  measures that target factors, like land, capital, and labor, and non-agricultural sectors, like tourism and construction, all taking into account regional specificities. We believe these models will be a significant improvement from the current approach in CAPRI-RD (Britz et al, 2012); therefore, we will create national evaluation reports, we will conduct expert interviews in Germany, Sweden, and France, and we will validate and discuss our findings during workshops organised in WP7, which will involve stakeholders and experts.

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