Task 5.1

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Task 5.1: Urban sprawl and ecosystem service bundles

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Daniel Joly
| CNRS ThéMA |

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The objective of this task will be to link urban sprawl and ecosystem service bundles at the scale of a metropolitan area and its hinterland. We will first determine different urban sprawl forms (compact city, dispersion, polycentric city), using graph theory and fractal analysis, which may lead us into the production of new software. Empirical implementation, using cadastral information (WP1), will be developed for different European regions (Belgium, France, and Italy; either 1 or 2 regions per country). The urban forms and the spatial extensions of cities, identified at the first step, will be analysed in relation to the variation in ecosystem service bundles (WP4), land market, and land price valuation. We will combine GIS tools with an econometric analysis.


| Task activity |

Work session n°1

When : 3rd and 4th of March 2014
Where : Perugia, Italy
Program : [agenda&participants_WS1]

The objective of this work session was to :

  • exchange about the approaches developed by teams involved in the Task,
  • examine the forms of landscape and in particular of urban sprawl in the region of Perugia during the field visits.

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