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WP7: Validation, training, and consensus building

| Leader |
Alexander Gocht
Thünen Institute |

| Key words |

Policy modelling; baseline validation; training; stakeholder involvement

| Presentation |

WP7 will use different formats to take steps towards producing synergies among researchers from different countries and among researchers and various stakeholders. Our approach is novel because it involves experts and stakeholders at every stage of the proposed research program. Prior research projects highlight the difficulty in mapping stakeholders and motivating them to sustainably participate in debating and consensus building. The consortium will make a special effort in this regard, putting special emphasis on the identification of adequate participants, depending on the research question and its objectives.

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| Tasks |

7.1 : Validation of the baseline

7.2 : Training for understanding and application of used and developed tools

7.3 : Consensus building

| Involved teams |