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 EuroCAREEuropean Centre for Agricultural,
Regional and Environmental Policy Research – | Germany |


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EuroCARE GmbH Bonn is a consultancy of four agricultural economists focussing on agricultural and environmental policy issues. The members of the EuroCARE partnership are also working at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics, department Economic and Agricultural Policy, of the University of Bonn. This linkage guarantees close academic collaboration on a high level.

In recent years EuroCARE analyses have typically involved the use and development of the CAPRI system, a large scale agricultural modeling system with global coverage, but focus on Europe. Completed projects include outlook work for agriculture as well as several analyses of the potential effects, economic and environmental, of reforming the EU’s CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and environmental policy. Apart from these CAPRI applications a series of policy advisory studies and projects related to the improvement of statistical databases have been carried out.

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adenaeuer2 kempen witzke
Marcel Adenäuer Markus Kempen Peter Witzke

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