Task 7.1

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Task 7.1: Validation of the baseline

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Maria Blanco
| UPM |

| Key words | CAPRI-RD, policy impact, EU-regions, national experts, improved policy modelling

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The objective of this task will be to improve the quality of support for the policy design produced in WP2. National research institutes and other organisations identified in the multi-stakeholder process of Task 7.3, will be invited to validate the results of the baseline model for their region. This will support reflection by and discussion amongst the involved parties in regards to the likely development of drivers (e.g., technical progress, market developments, GDP, macro-economic policies) and their impact on land use and rural development. In a first step, each national team from Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, and Sweden will prepare a review of the baseline results obtained in Task 2.2 (i.e., judging reliability of projected developments and suggesting alternative ones where applicable; seeking, where necessary and possible, based on the knowledge of additional national experts and stakeholders). The results of the review will be systematically used to improve existing EU-wide baselines, which will be the basis for training activities and impact assessments of alternative policy options from Task 7.2. Validated baselines will be accessible to all institutions involved and to the wider scientific community.

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