Task 1.1

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Task 1.1: Organisation of an integrated database systemas a project backbone

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Eric Cahuzac
| Inra ODR |

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The first step of this task is to assess various primary data sources, assess their accessibility, and ensure legal rights to use them. As specified in the following WPs, we use information collected at regional European levels (Nuts2 and Nuts3), but also at larger scales (municipalities, and even plots). This information comes from multiple channels: OECD, Eurostat, Farm Accountancy Data Network, European Environment Agency, European Bird Census Council, National Statistic Institutes, and specific data production from partners (INRA, IIASA, CAPRI). The second step is to organise, with a common tool, the databases, thereby allowing their exploitation by TRUSTEE members. Particular attention will be paid to ensure spatial coherence of collected information among different scales and countries. This task will take advantage of the experience of individuals from the two French national observatories involved in the consortium, (i) The Observatoire du Développement Rural (managed by INRA) and (ii) The Vigie Nature Network (managed by MNHN). It will use IIASA and CAPRI land use and land quality data at the European level. As a third step, the data management system will be an important part of the final deliverable, since it will contain the primary data and be expanded to include our model results, the metadata, the classifications, the concordances, and all the project documentation.

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