Task 4.2

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Task 4.2: Causal factors of ecosystem service bundles

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Muriel Tichit

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The objective of this task will be to analyse the causal factors of ecosystem service bundles. First, we will perform a hierarchical clustering analysis on individual ecosystem service indicators to reveal different types of bundles (i.e., either sets or associations in space of ecosystem services). Next, we will use inputs from WP3 to explore the links between ecosystem service bundles and ecological, geographical, and socio-economic determinants. We will use advanced model selection methods to test the relevance of ecological, geographical, and socio-economic determinants, by regressing ecosystem bundle types against a set of explanatory variables. To ensure the validity of our conclusions, we will assess goodness of fit and prediction accuracy. European regions and landscape case studies will then be classified, by ecosystem service, according to their performance.

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