Muriel Tichit

M. Tichit
Senior researcher

› Institution: INRA SADAPT
› Role in the project: Leader of WP4 and Task 4.2 and Task 4.4, INRA SADAPT team coordinator
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| Research interest |

Interface of agronomy and ecology, agro-landscape,  multi-scale trade-offs between production and biodiversity, dynamic modelling (viability theory)

| Some recent publications |

Teillard, F., Allaire, G., Cahuzac, E., Léger, F., Maigne, E., Tichit, M., (2012): A novel method for mapping agricultural intensity reveals its spatial aggregation: implications for conservation policies. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment, 149 (1): 135-143.

Sabatier, R., Doyen, L., Tichit, M., accepted. Heterogeneity and the tradeoff between ecological and productive functions of agrolandscapes: a model of cattle / bird interactions in a grassland landscape. Agricultural systems.

Tichit, M., Puillet, L., Sabatier, R., Teillard, F., (2011) : Multicriteria performance and sustainability in livestock farming systems: functional diversity matters. Livestock Science 139, 161-171.

Barbottin, A., Tichit, M., (2010): Accuracy and cost of models predicting bird distribution in agricultural grasslands. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment, 136, 28-34.