Task 7.2

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Task 7.2: Training for understanding and application of used and developed tools

| Leader |
Alexander Gocht
| Thünen Institute |

| Key words | CAPRI-RD, policy modelling, user-unfriendly software interfaces, promotion, learning by doing

| Presentation |

Many tools for policy impact assessment (IA) developed in the past under the EU framework program or national programs never reached a wider application level. There are many reasons such as documentation written from a scientific and not from a user perspective, no material to train user, no systematic training activities and user-unfriendly software interfaces. In order to promote the use of quantitative tools in IA in the field or land use and rural development, training activities are seen as an integral part of the proposal. These training activities will bring a larger group of interested researchers and stakeholders (ca. 25-30) together for 2-3 days. Besides hands-on approaches and real world examples, training should introduce applied methodology, present key assumptions and developments of the baseline models, and discuss the policy background of those scenarios analysed. The main principle of the training will be “learning by doing”, taking place in small groups. The groups will analyse the same scenarios in parallel but from different perspectives (market, sectors, agricultural and rural economies, and environmental issues). Participants will work with the tools and prepare scenarios (e.g., CAP reforms or re-orientations, trade policies, rural development measures under Pillar II) and use tables, maps, and/or graphs to analyse existing results. Each group will receive support by trainers from the consortium, and groups will conduct exchanges. We expect researchers and graduates from participating institutions will also experience training activity exchanges.

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CAPRI Training Workshop I

When : Tuesday 9th September – Thursday 11th September 2014
Where : Thünen Institute, Braunschweig, Germany
Program & Registration : [CAPRI_TS_2014_Braunschweig_Agenda_Registration]

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