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WP3: Rural development and cohesion policies

| Leader |
  Anne Margarian
| Thünen Institute |

| Key words |

 Policy analysis, institutional drivers, human resources, rural development.

| Presentation |

Locations of people and activities influence each other and can explain spatially unequal economic development levels, particularly for performance levels, all on a rural-urban gradient. Governance tools (policy design and stakeholder articulations) can be used to promote and modify market impacts. The objective of this WP is to analyse (i) the economic mechanisms that explain diverse situations of economic performance levels in rural areas across European countries; (ii) the role of development policies in peripheral areas, and their various impacts; and (iii) the local mechanisms that may or may not favor specific local dynamics. Analysis at a European level will be complemented by studies at the national level (France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden). Case Studies will cover these same countries.

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| Tasks |

3.1 : Analyse the driving factors that underlay local economic performance

3.2 : Best local practices that favor economic performance

3.3 : Governance of policy at a local level

3.4 : Public policies of rural development: Ex-post evaluation

3.5 : Rural development measures in the models

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