Task 5.3

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Task 5.3: Regulating services and agriculture vs urban sprawl

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Julien Salanié

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The objective in Task 5.3 will be to investigate the links between two specific regulating services — moderation of extreme events, such as fires and floods — and agriculture intensity and urban sprawl. We will assume that agriculture intensity (particularly on urban sprawl pressure) is negatively linked with fire risk and positively linked with flood. In the first step, we will use a theoretical model, based on urban economic theory, to integrate farmer production choices, household residential choices, and regulating services. In a second step, we will use an empirical study on different metropolitan areas and their hinterland to measure the links between extreme events (particularly for fire and flood) and urban sprawl and agricultural intensity. We will use GIS and econometric tools on data collected from WP1 and on data from preselect areas in France and in Italy, based on available data.

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