Julien Salanié

J. Salanié
Associate professor

› Institution : INRA, SMART
› Role in the project : Leader of the Task 5.3
› Email: julien.salanie@univ-st-etienne.fr
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| Research interest |

Agricultural and Environmental Economics, Regional and Urban Economics

| Some recent publications |

Coisnon T., Oueslati W. et Salanié J. (2014). Agri-environmental policy and urban sprawl : A general equilibrium analysis. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming.

Coisnon T., Oueslati W. et Salanié J. (2014). Urban sprawl occurrence under spatially varying agricultural bid-rent and amenities. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 44(1):38-49.

Leger A., Oueslati W. et Salanié J. (2013). Public tendering and green procurement as potential drivers for sustainable urban development : implications for landscape architecture and other urban design professions. Landscape and Urban Planning, 116:13-24.

Oueslati W. et Salanié J. (2011). Editorial : Landscape Valuation and Planning. Journal of Environmental Management and Planning, 54(1):1-6.