Task 4.4

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Task 4.4: Trade-offs and synergies among ecosystem services

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Muriel Tichit

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The objective of this task will be to explore the tradeoffs and the synergies among ecosystem services. First, we will identify the spatial unit of the trade-off assessment that has the lowest common denominator at which the ecosystem service indicators can be mapped with reasonable accuracy. Next, we will calibrate statistical relationships between individual ecosystem services and key causal factors (identified in task 4.2). Then, we will adapt spatially explicit modelling tools (Teillard 2012). With these tools, we will explore current trade-offs and synergies among ecosystem services. Finally, we will consider ecosystem service provisions as a multi-criteria optimisation problem (Pareto-based) to identify the most promising patterns of ecosystem service bundles, and to project the impacts of “best management” interventions.

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