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SADAPTSciences for Action and Development: Activities, Products, Territories
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The joint research unit SADAPT has an international expertise in agro-ecology and aims to contribute to the sustainable management of agro ecosystems. It will make its contribution to TRUSTEE by the involvement of scientists from CONCEPT Team in WP4. CONCEPTS team explores new opportunities for reconciliation of agricultural and ecological management at different spatial and temporal scales. Main methodological skills are: (i) dynamic system modelling (including several applications of viability theory to farming systems); (ii) methodology to assess the properties of agro-environmental indicators and their spatial distribution; (iii) participatory methods for co-innovation with stakeholders and collective learning process.

We are involved with UMR Economie Publique in the flagship project n°3 of the Labex Basc (ecosystem services). We coordinate ANR FarmBird “Co-viability models of farming and bird biodiversity” in which successful inter-disciplinary synergies were developed with MNHN-CERSP and with US ODR. Several models developed in the ANR FarmBird will be used as starting point in TRUSTEE.

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sabatier bleu tichit
Rodolphe Sabatier Véronique Souchère Muriel Tichit

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