Task 6.3

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Task 6.3: Evaluation of results and adaptation of the Regional Development Policies (RDPs)

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Ewa Rabinowicz
| SLU |

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As a first step, we will measure how much the relative allocation of funds into RDP measures have changed over time, using data from member state RDPs for 2000-2006, 2007-2013, and 2014-2020. For 2007-2013, we will identify three broad categories: (i) Measures that improve competitiveness in agricultural and forestry sectors; (ii) Measures that improve the environment and the countryside; and (iii) Measures that improve quality of life in rural areas and that encourage diversification in economic activities. We will analyse how the relative allocation of funds has changed (i.e., new measures, removal of old ones) among the above categories over time and the relation between those changes and priority evolution.

As a second step, we will select some of the more important measures of budget shares in the RDPs, 2000-2006. Using an econometric analysis, we will then investigate how evaluation results impact on funds allocated to these measures. Because of time lags when measuring ex-post policy impacts, this analysis will consider impacts of allocation among RDPs during 2000-2006 on those for the upcoming period, 2014-2020. The expectation that fund allocation is affected by the effects of the measures suggests that our evaluation results will be conclusive and trustworthy; therefore, as a third step, we will analyse these aspects using information on how the evaluation was conducted (e.g., availability of data and choice of evaluation method).

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