Task 4.1

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Task 4.1: Mapping of ecosystem services and their interactions

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Rodolphe Sabatier

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The objective of this task will be to describe ecosystem service distribution and service interactions. First, based on input from WP1 and WP2, we will produce a set of indicators for ecosystem services at different resolutions (municipality, small agricultural region, NUTS3, and NUTS2). We will draw from a series of publicly available and previously used databases (Maes et al. 2012), and from several new databases that have not yet been used for these types of analyses (e.g., UE Breeding Bird Surveys, ODR agricultural data, agricultural intensity index; Teillard et al. 2012). Next, we will map individual ecosystem services and analyse their spatial distribution. We will use a modified version of the Moran’s I to measure the spatial auto-correlation of ecosystem services. Finally, we will explore correlations between pairs of ecosystem services, and we will characterise the diversity of sets of ecosystem services, using different diversity indices (e.g., Shannon and Gini-Simpson Hill) that present different advantages and limitations.

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