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The UNIPG team includes researchers with different, but complementary expertises in the field of landscape analysis, modelling and planning. All the researchers will bring their expertise in the field of urban-rural gradient analysis, sustainable development and management of landscape, ecosystem services analysis and evaluation. The team will be supported by the Regional Landscape Information System for geodata acquisition and publication on a webGIS platform.  Moreover, the UNIPG team will take advantage of a GIS/Remote Sensing laboratory equipped with state of the art software applications able to develop complex projects based on advanced methodologies.

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Urbanisation is a complex growth and diffusion process that is dramatically spreading and variously affecting rural landscape at different spatial scales. Urban sprawl can give rise to the most dramatic form of irreversible land modification which poses threats on biodiversity and landscape integrity. The consequent transformations of urban-rural systems are one of the most important types of Land Use/Land Cover changes, since they have direct and indirect impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems, which in turn affects the ecosystem services they provide, and finally impacts on human well-being. Besides supplying food and fuel, agriculture can play a relevant role for sustainable economic development of periurban interfaces since it can have ecologic, economic, social and cultural functions, associated with the increase of citizens wellbeing.

Within this framework the UNIPG team will develop specific activities aimed at the analysis of specific links between economic development and ecosystem services (WP5). Focusing on urbanization and agriculture we will examine the relations between these driving forces and ecosystem service availability and preservation. The team, in collaboration with ThéMA and CESAER, will study the spatial-functional relationships between urban sprawl phenomena and agricultural ecosystem service configuration with a particular focus on the Italian study area (task 5.1). In cooperation with the other partners, the team will apply an innovative methodology aimed at the characterization of urban sprawl forms that will be analysed in relation with the spatial variation in ecosystem service bundles, land market and land price valuation. From a methodological point of view, we will apply advanced GIS spatial analysis and modelling and econometric analysis. Moreover, UNIPG will develop some specific consensus building activities (task 7.1) aimed at involving stakeholders, increase awareness concerning research topics, share key issues, methodologies, and related outputs.

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