Sandra Camicia

S. Camicia
Sr. associate professor

Institution: University of Perugia
Role in the project: Research team member

| Research interest |

Urban and regional landscape analysis and planning, characterization and classification of urban forms typologies, settlements patterns, infrastructure networks within urban, periurban and rural contexts

| Some recent publications |

Camicia, S., Ferri, L., Sartore, M. (2008): Umbrian Landscape Atlas, Perugia, Regione Umbria – Spazio Analogo, ISBN: 9788890385704

Sartore, M., Camicia, S., Ferri, L. (2007): Landscapes of Umbrian mountain, INU Editions, ISBN: 9788876030185

Sartore, M., Camicia, S., Ferri, L. (2007): Umbria / Umbrìa / Ombrie, in: Observatorio Virtual del Pajsage Mediterràneo / Observatoire Virtuel du Paysage Méditerranéen / Osservatorio virtuale del Paesaggio mediterraneo, pp. 92-99, Seville:Junta de Andalucìa – Alinea editrice, ISBN: 9788480955201

Camicia, S., (1997): A methodological contribution for the analysis of settlement pattern and processes within contemporary habitat in: BERTUGLIA C. S., VAIO F. (eds) City and its sciences, vol. IV, City sciences methodologies, p. 285-316, MILANO: FrancoAngeli