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University of Latvia is the largest university in the country. Faculty of Biology is one of its 13 faculties. The Faculty provides bachelor, master and doctoral academic study programmes in biology. Faculty has over 30 people academic staff.

 The team leader Dr. Ainārs Auniņš has been working with farmland biodiversity since 1994. Within several studies we have explored the complex relationships between birds, their habitats and agricultural practices in Latvian farmland, quantitatively described their ecological niches, modelled farmland bird population changes and effects of farming intensity on bird populations. We have an experience working with remote sensing data for species-habitat relationship modelling and predictive distribution modelling of farmland birds. The team has been involved in elaboration of agri-environmental schemes for the Latvian Rural Development programmes (2004 – 2006 and 2007 – 2013) and mid-term evaluation of the current Latvian Rural Development programme. The team has designed, launched and run several countrywide biodiversity monitoring programmes including Farmland birds and habitats monitoring (1995 – 2006) and Latvian breeding bird monitoring programme (since 2005). The team leader is Latvian national delegate in the European Bird census Council.

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Ainārs Auniņš

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