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WP6: Feedback and policy design

| Leader |
Ewa Rabinowicz
| SLU |

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The efficiency of policy programs will depend on whether their design (i.e., measures included and funds allocated to these measures) is adequate with respect to the problems faced by rural regions. The objective of this WP will be to produce tools that can improve the policy design that acts on rural sustainable development. Our specific objectives will provide analytical frameworks to assess the potential impacts of alternative measures. Once the policy design is chosen, we will highlight changes over the different periods and analyse its adaptation in light of changing priorities and changing information on the effects of the policy measures.

| Tasks |

6.1: Societal valuation of land use and land conversion: Consequences for optimal land use policies

6.2: Urban and rural exchanges: Policy measures to favor the provision of ecosystem services

6.3: Evaluation of results and adaptation of the Regional Development Policies (RDPs)

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