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ODRRural Development Observatory – | France |

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The US-ODR is involved in the evaluation programs of rural development policy impacts since 2007. It produce and disseminate indicators for monitoring agricultural policy at different levels (region, department) and/or from different points of view (water resources management, land issues, etc.). Research program conducted by US-ODR contribute in organizing the collection and the use of regional key baseline data and evaluation results of Rural Development Programmes and other statistical and economic information in a systematic, clear and concise way.

ODR is involved in researches that tend to explain the causal relationships between regional characteristics and needs, on the one hand, and the Rural Development Programmes implementation and success in their spatial dimension, on the other. ODR develop and apply spatial econometric modelling approaches in that sense. ODR is also involved in researches that combine, in rural areas, approaches conducted at different spatial and temporal scales on varied ecosystem processes that are sources of services, and managed by many players and with different objectives. Modeling dynamic spatial complex systems is an important place in these processes conducted in close partnership with relevant stakeholders in a process of co-construction of agroecological innovations and engineering. In particular, ODR conduct with local partners, studies on phytosanitary pressure around feeding water catchment attributed to agriculture.

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Anne Meillet

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