RURAGRI Call 2012

The first RURAGRI ERA-NET Call is about a transnational research linking agricultural, rural and sustainable development aspects. Its full project title is “Facing sustainability: new relationships between rural areas and agriculture in Europe”.

The aim of the call is to better understand the implications of evolving or new interactions between agriculture and other land uses in order to support sustainable development. The call is focused on the question : how to foster the rural potential and thereby to contribute to the balanced regional development?

Three cross-cutting issues are in the core of the research:
› Diversity,
› Rural-urban relationships,
› Governance.

Three research priorities was identified:
› Ecosystem Services/Public Goods,
› Socio-Economic Development,
› Land Use and Land Management.

Read more on the RURAGRI website.

TRUSTEE project addresses the three topics of the Ruragri Call; considers several cross-cutting issues; it will use a multidisciplinary approach that combines different spatial scales of governance; and provides recommendations for stakeholders and policy makers.