Task 1.3

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Task 1.3: Case study choice

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Mohamed Hilal

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We will develop case studies to better understand issues at a global level and analyse governance issues; case study selection will be a strategic component of this project. We will cover a broad range of rural types, regarding to the rural-urban gradient, the agricultural intensity and the available set of ecosystem services. The data management system will be used to make pertinent choices, in combination with available typologies (EU-LUPA and Edora). The first step will be introducing these typologies into our database, and the second step will be ensuring coherence between our potential choice and these typologies. A consultation step between teams involved in cases studies will contribute to articulate them, as far as possible. All case studies will connect to existing structures and networks in which the project partners are currently involved. For stakeholder relations, working on already on-going research sites enables to make use of existing networks in which each partner has worked successfully and accumulated data for some time already.

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