Task 6.2

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Task 6.2: Urban and rural exchanges: Policy measures to favor the provision of ecosystem services

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Carl Gaigné

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Here, we will focus on the interaction between rural and urban areas, and in particular in impact on transport and commuting in land use dynamics, so as to determine market failures that are related to ecosystems and due to food chain allocation across space. Then, we will identify the policy designs to be implemented to address them. Indeed, growing urbanisation and urban sprawl likely impact sustainability of local development, yet the locations of different activities (from production to consumption) have strong effects on environmental assessments of food systems. To reach our goal, we will develop full-fledged general equilibrium models with imperfect competition and spatial allocation of production and consumption that is adjusted by location within and between cities/regions. We will identify consequences to ecosystem service preservation, particularly for climate (GHG) and water quality. Alternative policy measures that improve preservation (e.g., taxes vs. subvention) will also be considered.

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