Task 3.4

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Task 3.4: Public policies of rural development: Ex-post evaluation

| Leader |
Lionel Védrine

| Key words | Econometric Evaluation of Rural Development programs, Governance innovation, LEADER program

| Presentation |

The goal here will be to assess the effects of rural development policy (RDP) on economic development, at different spatial scales, and to use specific econometric techniques to identify the causal effects. Among various measures, we will give a particular attention to LEADER. Different studies suggest that the LEADER approach produces organisational innovation that can enhance the effectiveness of rural development policies. We will test whether LEADER networks produce significant positive effects on the development dynamics of the rural areas. This task will be implemented at the European level (either 3 or 4 member states) to account for differences in national institutional implementation of this program during the 2000-2006 period.

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