Task 1.2

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Task 1.2: Stocktaking of policy measures that impact rural areas

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Sören Höjgård
| SLU |

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This task examines different measures of rural development and possible complementary or competing measures from other funds. We will provide an assessment of both the relevance of respective measures in different regions and either the possible synergies or opposing effects among them. This descriptive task provides the necessary background information for our subsequent policy assessment. The first step is to collect the information at the national level (i.e., analysis of documents, such as from rural development programs and operational programs). The second step is to produce a common framework to summarise this information in a condensed tabular form. This task will provide a tool for WP3 and WP6, but will also constitute an output because these types of comparisons are unusual, thereby needing specific partnership, such as that available in TRUSTEE. Three countries will be involved at this stage (France, Germany, and Sweden), but the framework may be generalised in the future.

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