Ainārs Auniņš

Dr. A. Auniņš

Institution: University of Latvia – Faculty of Biology
Role in the project: Research team member involved in WP4, University of Latvia team coordinator
Personnal website

| Research interest |

Modelling farmland bird and habitat relationships, landscape analysis using GIS and remote sensing; Agri-environmental schemes and agricultural policy impacts on biodiversity

| Some recent publications |

Opermanis, O., McSharry, B., Aunins, A., Sipkova, Z. (2012): Connectedness and connectivity of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas across country borders in the European Union. Biological Conservation 153: 227–238.

Ķerus, V., Auniņš, A., Strazds, M., Priednieks, J. (2012): Changes in breeding bird distribution in Latvia and their correspondence to modelled changes in distribution in Europe due to climate change. Environmental and Experimental Biology 10: 41 – 47.

Aunins A., Priednieks J. (2009): Recent changes in agricultural landscape and bird populations in Latvia: current impacts of EU agricultural policy and future prospects. Avocetta 33: 93 – 98.

Herzon I., Aunins A., Elts J., Preikša Z. (2008): Intensity of agricultural land-use and farmland birds in the Baltic States. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 125: 93 – 100.

Aunins A., Priednieks J. (2008): Ten years of farmland bird monitoring in Latvia: population changes 1995 – 2004. Revista Catalana d’Ornitologia 24: 53 – 64.


Auniņš A. (ed.) (2010): [Protected habitats of EU Importance. Identification Handbook] Latvian Fund for Nature, Rīga, 320 pp.

Auniņš A. (ed.) (2008): [Current issues in management of wild species and habitats in Latvia]. University of Latvia, Rīga, 162 pp.