Bianca Maria Torquati

B.M. Torquati
Sr. associate professor

Institution: University of Perugia
Role in the project: Research team member

| Research interest |

Farm management, economics of food quality, sustainable rural development, peri-urban agriculture, socio-economic and environmental assessment

| Some recent publications |

Torquati, B.M, Vizzari, M., Sportolaro, C. (2011): Participatory GIS for integrating local and expert knowledge in landscape planning. Agricultural and Environmental Informatics, Governance, and Management: Emerging Research Applications. IGI GLOBAL

Taglioni, C., Cavicchi, A., Scarpa, R., Torquati, B. (2011): Influence of brand equity on milk choice: a Choice Experiments Survey, in  International Journal on Food System Dynamics, Vol 2, No 3,  305-325.

Torquati, B., Giacchè, G., Taglioni, C.,  Musotti, F. (2011) : Effects of CAP Reform on Peri-Urban Agricultural Area in Umbrian Valley (Central Italy). In A. Sorrentino, R. Henke, S. Severini (Ed.), The Common Agricultural Policy After the Fischler reform: National Implementations, Impact Assessment and the Agenda for Future Reforms, Ashgate Publishing Ltd, England, 213-227.

Giacchè, G., Torquati, B. (2010): The Role of Agriculture in the Plain of Assisi,  in ISHS Acta Horticulturae n. 881, pp. 295-300.