Rodolphe Sabatier

R. Sabatier
Junior researcher

› Institution: INRA SADAPT
› Role in the project: Leader of Task 4.1
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| Research interest |

Interface of agronomy and ecology, ecosystem services, biodiversity, dynamic modelling (viability theory)

| Some recent publications |

Sabatier R, Meyer K, Wiegand K, Clough Y. accepted. Non-linear effects of pesticide application on biodiversity-driven ecosystem services and disservices in a cacao agroecosystem. Basic and Applied Ecology

Sabatier R, Doyen L, Tichit M (2012) : Action versus Result-Oriented Schemes in a Grassland Agroecosystem: A Dynamic Modelling Approach. PLoS ONE 7(4): e33257. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0033257

Sabatier, R., Doyen, L., Tichit, M., 2010. Modelling trade-offs between livestock grazing and wader conservation in a grassland agroecosystem. Ecological Modelling, 221,9 1292-1300.