Marcel Adenäuer

Dr. M. Adenäuer

› Institution: EuroCARE Bonn GmbH
› Role in the project: Research team member involved in WP2
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| Research interest |

Quantitative agricultural sector analysis using policy information systems econometric methodology

| Some recent publications |

Becker, A., Adenäuer, M., Blanco Fonseca, M. (2010): Impacts of European biofuel policies on agricultural markets and environment under consideration of 2nd generation technologies and international trade, Paper presented at the IATRC Symposium 2010,  Stuttgart-Hohenheim, 27 – 29.06.2010.

Adenauer, M., Jansson, T, Johansson, H. (2007): Effects of the EU Sugar Reform on Developing Countries. In: The European Union and Developing countries: Trade, Aid and Growth in an Integrating World / Bourdet, Y., Gullstrand, J., Olofsdotter, K., . – Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2007 – ISBN 9781845422462