Pierre Frankhauser

P. Frankhauser
› Institution: ThéMA
› Role in the project: Research team member involved in Task 5.1 (urban forms)
› Email: pierre.frankhauser@univ-fcomte.fr
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| Research interest |

Fractal analysis, urban sprawl

| Some recent publications |

Tannier C., Vuidel G. , Houot H. , Frankhauser P. , 2012 : Spatial accessibility to amenities in fractal and nonfractal urban patterns, Environment and Planning B,  Vol. 39, pp. 801 – 819, doi:10.1068/b37132

Caruso G., Vuidel, G., Cavailhès J., Frankhauser P., Peeters, D., Thomas, I. 2011 : Morphological similarities between DBM and a microeconomic model of sprawl, Journal of Geographical Systems Vol 13/1, pp. 31-48.

Cavailhès, J., Frankhauser P., Peeters, D. Thomas, I. 2010 : Residential equilibrium in a multifractal metropolitan area; The Annals of Regional Science 45 (3), pg. 681-704.

Thomas I., Frankhauser P., Frenay B., Verleysen M., 2010. Clustering patterns of urban built-up areas with curves of fractal scaling behaviour. Environment & Planning B (Planning & design).