Jean-Christophe Foltête

J.-C.  Foltête
› Institution: ThéMA
› Role in the project: Research team member involved in Task 5.1 (ecological networks modeling)
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| Research interest |

Landscape ecology, urban and suburban mobility

| Some recent publications |

Foltête, J.-C., Girardet, X., Clauzel, C., 2014. A methodological framework for the use of landscape graphs in land-use planning. Landscape and Urban Planning. 124, 140-150.

Youssoufi S., Foltête J.-C., 2013. Determining appropriate neighborhood shapes and sizes for modeling landscape satisfaction. Landscape and Urban Planning, 110 : 12-24.

Bergerot B., Tournant P., Moussus J.-P., Stevens V.-M., Julliard R., Baguette M., Foltête J.-C., 2013. Coupling inter-patch movement models and landscape graph to assess functional connectivity. Population Ecology, 55 : 193-203

Foltête J.-C., Giraudoux P., 2012. A graph-based approach to investigating the landscape influence on population spread processes. Ecological Indicators, 18 : 684-692

Tannier C., Foltête J.-C., Girardet X., 2012. Assessing the capacity of different urban forms to preserve the connectivity of ecological habitats. Landscape and Urban Planning, 105 : 128-139

Foltête J.-C., Clauzel C., Vuidel G., Tournant P., 2012. Integrating graph-based connectivity metrics into species distribution models. Landscape Ecology, 27 : 557-569.

Foltête J.-C., Clauzel C., Vuidel G., 2012. A software tool dedicated to the modelling of landscape networks. Environmental Modelling and Software, 38 : 316-327.

Foltête J.-C., Genre-Grandpierre C., Josselin D., 2011. Impact of roads networks on urban mobility. in Thériault M., Des Rosiers F., Modeling Urban Dynamics : Mobility, Accessibility and Real Estate Value, ISTE-Wiley, London, 103-128.

Foltête J.-C., Piombini A., 2010. Deviations in pedestrian itineraries in urban areas : a method to assess the role of environmental factors. Environment and Planning B, Planning and Design, 37(4), 723-739.