Luc Doyen

L. Doyen

› Institution: MNHN, CERSP
Role in the project : Leader of the Task 4.5
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| Research interest |

Bio-economic models for a sustainable management of natural resources (fisheries, agriculture and forestry)

| Some recent publications |

Doyen L., Pereau J.C. (2012): Sustainable coalitions in the commons, Mathematical Social Sciences. 63: 57–64.

Doyen L., Thébaud O., Béné C., Martinet V., Gourguet S., Bertignac M., Fifas S. (2012): A stochastic viability approach to ecosystem-based fisheries management, Ecological Economics, 75, 32–42

Mouysset L, Doyen L, Jiguet F (2012): Different policy scenarios to promote various facets of biodiversity. Ecological Indicators 14, 209-221.