Karine Princé

K. Princé
Institution: MNHN CERSP
Role in the project: Research team member involved in Task 4.3
Email: karine.prince@gmail.com
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| Research interest |

Understanding and predicting the impacts of global changes (climate and land use) on biodiversity, with a particular emphasis on avian communities

| Some recent publications |

 Princé, K., R. Lorrillière, M. Barbet-Massin, F. Léger, and F. Jiguet. in press. Scenarios for French birds under future climate and agriculture land uses. PLOS ONE

Chiron, F., K. Princé, M.L. Paracchini, and F. Jiguet. 2013. Forecasting potential impacts of CAP associated land-use changes on farmland birds at the country level. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 176, 17-23. PDF

Princé, K., R. Lorrillière, M. Barbet-Massin, and F. Jiguet. 2013. Predicting the fate of French bird communities under agriculture and climate changes scenarios. Environmental Science and Policy 33, 120-132. PDF