Frédéric Jiguet

F. Jiguet
› Institution: MNHN, CERSP
Role in the project: Leader of the Task 4.3, MNHN team coordinator

| Research interest |

Impacts of current and predicted global change (climate and land use) on biodiversity (especially birds)

| Some recent publications |

Devictor V, van Swaay C, Brereton T, Brotons L, Chamberlain D, Heliölä J, Herrando S, Julliard R, Kuussaari M, Lindström Å, Reif J, Roy DB, Schweiger O, Settele J, Stefanescu C, Van Strien A, Van Turnhout C, Vermouzek Z, WallisDeVries M, Wynhoff I, Jiguet F (2012) Differences in the climatic debts of birds and butterflies at a continental scale. Nature Climate Change 2: 121-124. DOI: 10.1038/NCLIMATE1347

Doxa A, Paracchini ML, Pointereau P, Devictor V, Jiguet F (2012): Preventing biotic homogenization of farmland bird communities: the role of High Nature Value farmland. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 148: 83-88.

Princé K, Moussus J-P, Jiguet F (2012): Mixed effectiveness of French agri-environment schemes for nationwide farmland bird conservation. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 149, 74-79.