Isabelle Le Viol

I. Le Viol
Assistant professor
Institution: MNHN, CERSP
Role in the project : Research team member involved in WP 4

| Research interest |

Community ecology and macro-ecology, global changes and ecosystem services

| Some recent publications |

Barnagaud J.Y., Devictor V., Jiguet F., Barbet-Massin M., Le Viol I. & Archaux F. (2012): Relating habitat and climatic niches in birds. PLOS ONE, 7(3) : e32819

Le Viol I, Jiguet F, Brotons L, Herrando S, Lindström Å, Pearce-Higgins JW, Reif J, van Turnhout C, Devictor V (2012): More and more generalists: two decades of changes in the European avifauna. Biology Letters 8, 780-782.

Le Viol I., Julliard R., Kerbiriou C., de Redon L., Carnino N., Machon N. & Porcher E. (2008): Plant and spider communities benefit differently from the presence of planted hedgerows in highway verges. Biological Conservation, 141 : 1581-1590