James Breen

Dr. J. Breen

› Institution: UCD
Role in the project: Research team member involved in WP7, UCD team coordinator
Email: james.breen@ucd.ie
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| Research interest |

Analysis of the farm-level implications of agricultural and environmental policies

| Some recent publications |

Howley, P., Breen, J., O’Donoghue, C. and Hennessy, T. (2012): Does the single farm payment affect farmers’ behaviour? A macro and micro analysis. International Journal of Agricultural Management Volume 2, Number 1. 57-64(8)

Clancy, D., Breen, J. P., Thorne, F. and Wallace, M. (2011): “The influence of a Renewable Energy Feed in Tariff on the decision to produce biomass crops in Ireland” Energy Policy Volume 41, , 412-421

Breen, J. P., Donnellan T. and Westhoff, P. (2010): Food for Thought: The need to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Presents New Challenges for EU Agriculture, EuroChoices Volume 9, Edition 3, 24-29

Breen, J. P., Hennessy, T. and Thorne, F. (2005): The Effect of Decoupling on the Decision to Produce: An Irish Case Study, Journal of Food Policy Volume 30, Issue 2, 129-144.