Corinne Tanguy

C. Tanguy
Assistant professor

› Institution: INRA CESAER
Role in the project
: Research team member involved in Task 3.2
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| Research interest |

Expertise in industrial economics and analysis of innovation processes in firms

| Some recent publications |

Martin M., Reboud S., Tanguy C. (2013).  Innovation in Agricultural Co-operatives: Contrasting images, The Example of Sparkling Wine and Cereals. In Sustainable Co-Operative Enterprise : Case Studies of Organisational Resilience in the Co-operative Business Model, Mazzarol T., Reboud S., Mamouni-Limnios E. (Editeurs), Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, United Kingdom (forthcoming).

Gallaud, D., Martin, M., Reboud, S., Tanguy, C. (2012). Proximités organisationnelle et géographique dans les relations de coopération : une application aux secteurs agroalimentaires, Géographie, Economie, Société, 14, 261-285.

Gallaud, D., Martin, M., Reboud, S., Tanguy, C. (2012). La relation entre innovation environnementale et réglementation – Une application au secteur agroalimentaire français, Innovations, Février-Mars, 2012/1, n°37, pp. 155-175.