Kim Pollermann

Dr. K. Pollermann
› Institution: Thünen Institute of Rural Studies
Role in the project: Research team member involved in Task 3.3
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| Research interest |

Rural development, LEADER, governance

| Some recent publications |

Pollermann, Kim; Raue, Petra; Schnaut, Gitta (2013): Rural futures: the added value through the LEADER-Approach. In: Regional Studies Association (eds.): Shape and be shaped: the future dynamics of regional development : Annual European Conference ; Sunday 5th May-Wednesday 8th May 2013, University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland, p. 118-119.

Pollermann, Kim; Raue, Petra; Schnaut, Gitta (2013): Rural Development experiences in Germany: opportunities and obstacles in fostering smart places through LEADER. Studies in agricultural economics 115, p. 111-117. []

Fernandes, Pedro Afonso; Brakalova, Marina; Cristiano, Simona; Geissendörfer, Manfred; Lukesch, Robert; Nemes, Gusztàv; O’Grady, Seamus; Sepùlveda, Rodrigo Ortiz; Pfefferkorn, Wolfgang; Pollermann, Kim; Pylkkänen, Päivi; Ricci, Carlo; Slee, Bill (2010): Working paper on capturing impacts of Leader and of measures to improve quality of life in rural areas. European Communities (eds.), 110 p. []