Yves Surry

Y. Surry
› Institution: SLU, Department of Economics
› Role in the project: Leader of WP2 and Task 6.1, SLU team coordinator
› Email: yves.surry@slu.se
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| Research interest |

Evaluation of agri-food and trade policies and economic modelling

| Some recent publications |

Lindberg, G, P. Midmore and Y. Surry (2012): Agriculture’s Inter-industry Linkages, Aggregation Bias and Rural Policy Reforms. Journal of Agricultural Economics. Vol 63(2), 552-575.

Granvik M., G. Lindberg, K.-A. Stigzelius, E. Fahlbeck and Y. Surry (2012): Prospects of multifunctional agriculture as a facilitator of sustainable Rural Development: Swedish experience of Pillar Two of the CAP. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift. Vol 66, 155-166.

Galanopoulos K., Y. Surry and K. Mattas (2011): Agricultural Productivity Growth in the Euro-Med Region: Is there Evidence of Convergence? Outlook on Agriculture. Vol 40(1), 29-38.