Luca di Corato

L. di Corato
Assistant professor

› Institution: SLU, Department of Economics
› Role in the project: Research team member involved in Task 6.1
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| Research interest |

Environmental and resource economics and applications of stochastic dynamic modelling

| Some recent publications |

Di Corato, L., (2012): Optimal Conservation Policy under Imperfect Intergenerational Altruism, Journal of Forest Economics, 18, 194-206

Di Corato, L., Moretto, M., (2011): Investing in Biogas: Timing, Technological Choice and the Value of Flexibility from Inputs Mix, Energy Economics, 33(6), 1186-1193

Di Corato, L., Moretto, M., and Vergalli, S. (2010), An equilibrium model of habitat conservation under uncertainty and irreversibility, “Marco Fanno” Working Paper no. 122, University of Padua and FEEM Nota di Lavoro 160.2010