Cecilia Waldenström

C. Waldenström
Senior lecturer
› Institution: SLU, Department of Urban and Rural Development
› Role in the project: Research team member
› Email: cecilia.waldenstrom@slu.se
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| Research interest |

Rural development, peri-urban areas and rural sociology

| Some recent publications |

Waldenström, C. & Westholm, E. (2009): The Natural Resource Turn – Challenges for Rural Research and Policy. Journal of Rural and Community Development 4( 1) 101–116.

Waldenström, C. (2004): From Inland to Coast – the Municipalities across the Swedish North. In: Aarsæther, N (Ed) Innovations in the Nordic Periphery. Nordregio Report 2004:3, 121-168.

Djurfeldt, G. and Waldenström, C. (1999): Mobility Patterns of Swedish Farming Households, Journal of Rural Science Vol. 15, No 3, 331-344.