Vincent Martinet

V. Martinet
Junior researcher

Institution: INRA EcoPub
Role in the project: Research team member
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| Research interest |

Measurement of environmental performance using multicriteria methods, indicators of ecological performances, optimal mix of multifunctional outputs

| Some recent publications |

Doyen L., Martinet V. (2012): Maximin, Viability and Sustainability in: Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, vol. 36, n°9. pp. 1414-1430.

Barraquand, F.; Martinet, V. (2011): Biological conservation in dynamic agricultural landscapes: effectiveness of public policies and trade-offs with agricultural production, Ecological Economics, , vol. 70, n° 5, 910-920.

Martinet, V. A (2011): characterization of sustainability with indicators in: Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 61, n° 2. pp. 183-197.