Lauriane Mouysset

L. Mouysset
Assistant professor

Institution: INRA EcoPub
Role in the project: Research team member
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| Research interest |

Bio-economy, biodiversity, agriculture, modeling, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, birds, land uses, indicator, risk

| Some recent publications |

Mouysset, L.; Doyen, L.; Jiguet, F. (2012): Ecological responses to economic public agricultural policies in the French farmlands. Ecological Indicators, (2012), vol. 14. pp. 209-221.

Mouysset, L.; Doyen, L.; Jiguet, F.; Allaire, G.; Leger, F. (2011): Bio-economic modeling for sustainable management of biodiversity and agriculture. Ecological Economics, vol. 70, 617-626.

Mouysset, L.; Miglianico, M.; Makowski, D.; Jiguet, F.; Doyen, L. Dynamic models for bird community in farming landscapes. En révision in Ecological Modelling.